Saturday, May 1, 2010

Viva Las Vegas...No More?

Wow, where has the time gone?! I have just entered week 30 of this amazing journey and cannot wait to meet baby Roo in 10 short weeks (well, hopefully 10 weeks). My husband and I have been taking everyone's advice about enjoying our own time together before the baby comes and decided to run off to Vegas. I know, it's kind of strange place for a pregnant women to hang out, but I loved walking the strip, seeing shows, and hanging out by the pool! If you know me pretty well, you should expect that I did my fair share of gambling and napping! Bottom line the trip was amazing and my hubby and I cherished our alone time. (the picture you're looking at is our view out of our Ceaser Palace Hotel room... you will also see this view if you've watched "The Hangover", which I strongly recommend).

Next trip was off to Hilton Head with my family. My husband and I drove down with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew, while my mom and her husband flew across country from Seattle. This vacation is what makes me pose the question... Viva Las Vegas no more? I say this with a huge smile and look forward to baby pools, naps, and early dinners, however life does change with baby's. I smiled at this turtle picture because it encomposed the difference between Vegas and Hilton Head. My husband and I truly look forward to our new life and addition to our family, and cannot wait to start making our own memories with Baby Roo!

I now find myself in Seattle visiting my mom... I know this is a lot of vacations...but the thing I'm loving most about pregnancy vacations is the "me" time! I've worked a normal work schedule all the way through pregnancy (which I am incredibly thankful) and find vacations a great time to catch up on my own exercise, healthy eating, and naps! As we speak, I am being a huge party pooper and stayed behind while the family took my nephew to a splash park. I'm sitting on my mom's porch, listening to wind chimes and thinking it doesn't get much better than this!

On all vacations, walks have been my best form of exercise and fitting in lifting when gyms are available. I've officially gained 20 pounds and comfort myself by allowing one pound a week for the next 10 weeks in order to stay around my 30 pound weight gain (which I thought was acceptable for me). I officially understand why gaining weight during pregnancy is hard, and my theory is because you never truly know if it's "real" weight or "baby" weight. I suppose the only real way to know is to wait until after the baby is born and see how much weight you're left with to take off.

Speaking of walks, I'm off to enjoy the beautiful Seattle scenery and say hello to my cows that live in a pasture by my mom's house:) If all goes well, I should have a few more thoughts to share before we meet Baby Roo!!

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