Saturday, May 1, 2010

Roller Skate Lately?

Have you roller skated lately? Well, no, either have I. One of our best friends recently had an 80’s roller skating party for his 30th birthday. After much debate, I decided it wasn’t the smartest decision to roller skate pregnant and I ended up just hanging out on the parameter. I am talking about this situation, because after I became pregnant, it feels like there are constant events that I cannot participate in. I’ve realized how much my life has changed for these 9 months and will continue to change forever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic to be pregnant and change is to be expected, however I don’t want every new mom to believe there should never be any rough times.

We had a ski trip planned in February and I had actually spoke with my doctor about skiing. He walked me through the risks, but left it up to me to make the final decision to ski or not to ski… bottom line, what can you sleep with if something were to happen. I actually went out to Colorado believing I was going to ski until the very morning everyone was suiting up for the day. I was having second thoughts and ended up calling my dear friend and coauthor, Sommer, to ask her advice about skiing. She brought up the risk of exercising in high altitudes and when asked to say yes or no, she hesitantly said no (of course looking out for my best interest, however not wanting to disappoint me). I knew this was the correct answer and said many thanks and hung up the phone. At this point I’d finally admitted to myself I was not going to be skiing, rather hanging out in the cabin by myself… yes, and promptly started crying. Don’t feel sorry for me, I ended up having one of the most relaxed and greatest vacations ever, I just needed a moment to re-adjust.

If you have been following my journey, you would have seen that I was supposed to run a half marathon in March. This too needed adjustments and I’d call my 13 miles more of a shuffle. I ran with my friends the first three miles and then waved goodbye wishing them luck. I proceeded to shuffle through the course and talk on my cell phone in my more lonely moments, ha! My personal training clients are constantly warning me about picking up their weights (this aspect, I feel confident in my boundaries), and I golfed last weekend and had a friend scare me because her doctor advised against it.

Am I intentionally pushing my limits? NO. I’m just learning the ropes and trying to maintain certain aspects of my life to stay sane. I’m liking (maybe at moments, loving) pregnancy, but also thinks it’s important for women to know that it will be a journey and a huge learning experience. My advice is to enjoy these moments to relax, not drink (yes, this can actually be seen as a positive), start new hobbies, and just enjoy the process. I do realize that one crazy day when the baby is actually here I’ll miss being stuck in a cabin by myself with all the free time in the world to read!! If you are a mom, you are most likely shaking your head and smirking to yourself, knowing what’s to come.

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