Saturday, May 1, 2010

Are you in there?

Week 17, ahhh, what a great feeling to be 17 weeks into pregnancy. I'm well through the first trimester, and as promised, I feel 100% better! I'm almost feeling so good that I have moments I worry that the baby is still alive and well! It had been 4 weeks since my last doctors appointment and I was chomping at the bit to get to my appointment this week. As always, it was absolutely amazing to hear little Roo's heartbeat (my father-in-law affectionately calls the baby Roo, like a baby kangaroo nestled in its mother's pouch, ha!) and it was thumping strongly at 147 bpm. I walked back to my car with a permanent grin and once again feeling relaxed and confident in this miraculous journey!

My belly seems to grow a little more every week and I finally broke down and started wearing maternity clothes. Mom was in town last week and we met up with my sister to complete a full 8 hours of shopping. Let me tell you that my feet were ready to fall off! I've noticed my feet aching a lot sooner and more intense than I've ever experienced... I'm guessing this is normal?

I think it took me awhile to get into maternity clothes because I didn't know my maternity style. Finally my mom and sister threw me in a dressing room and just brought back a ton of clothes (clothes they thought I would like, others I would never have grabbed) and it was interesting what I ended up choosing. I discovered that the fitted tops helped my figure more so than the bloused out look. Any shirt that emphasized the chest area looked obnoxious (my boobs are out of control)and new bra's are a MUST when your breasts start to grow! My sister noticed I was popping out the bottom of my bra and wouldn't let me leave the mall without purchasing a new maternity bra. If you are going to breast feed, I recommend a nursing bra. They are not cheap and you might as well get multiple uses and months out of it! When we finally bought a bra, the attendant let me wear it out of the store and I felt like a whole new women!

This is off topic, but I feel like I need to mention that my motivation in my career has finally re-appeared! For the last couple months, everything from house work to jobs has seemed like a chore. I had no motivation and it was concerning because I am usually a person who's constantly working on ways to build clientele or start new projects. I was almost worrying that I was becoming slightly depressed. However, looking back on the previous months, it is quite apparent that I was just exhausted and sleep took precedence. Now that my energy is back, I'm taking opportunities during lunch breaks or in between clients to work on, blog, contact clients, work on continuing education credits... I AM BACK!!

My next ultra sound is in three weeks, and my husband and I have decided to find out the sex of the baby. Stay tuned and let me know if you're feeling PINK or BLUE!

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