Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Crazy Things We Do Pregnant

I always was told that you could not donate hair to charities (like “Lock’s of Love” or “Hair for Children”) if you had ever dyed your hair. I’m one who enjoys going dark in the winter months and have dyed my hair for fun since college, so I always excluded myself from the thought of donating hair. I forget how this came up, but one day I was talking to a friend who had donated hair and she informed me that the only hair they don’t except is bleached hair. Bleached hair is harder to blend into the wigs because it doesn't take the hair dye consistently. This got my wheels spinning and I always thought that one day I would like to donate.

A thought came to me when I started taking my prenatal vitamins, what better time to chop off all my hair, than when I’m taking vitamins acting like miracle grow! I ended up convincing my sister-in-law (blond) and her neighbor (brunette) to join me on this venture. We all let our hair grow for about 7 months and finally scheduled a day at the salon to face the scissors. My sister-in-law called that morning and we were both slightly freaking out… we of course both just had a previous week of good hair days. Ha.

We all followed through and got fun new hair cuts. My biggest worry as a pregnant women was envisioning myself with a growing stomach and shrinking head... thankfully, it turned out great. We put our hair into bags and I looked like a crazy women carrying the hair to another salon to mail out to “Hair for Children”. I thought if I got pulled over and someone checked my purse right now I would for sure be brought in for questioning.

If you have hair that grows out easily, I highly recommend donating! It was fun to do as a group and it felt good to follow through on something I’ve always thought about and praised others for chopping.

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