Sunday, July 4, 2010

9 Months Later

This is crazy that it has been 9 months since our beautiful baby girl, Payton (AKA Roo), was born! She came out 6 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches long... yep, she was a dink and felt like a puff of air. I'll spare you the details of delivery, let's just say that it wasn't a piece of cake, nor did I necessarily care for recovery! Nobody really gives you fair warning on the aftermath of birth, but you feel like crap and the pain pills made me sleepy. At the time I felt a bit hormonal, but looking back I was a hot mess. I remember bawling to my mom because my husband left me to go to a Bengal's game (we have season tickets and the poor guy would have missed a Steeler's game, ha!) and I felt so abandoned. This in itself is pretty funny, considering I had 24/7 help for the first 3 weeks. My mom, mother-in-law, sister, and sister-in-law were all amazing and there within a shout.

Ok, I digress, the bottomline is that life and emotions have gotten back to normal and I have the most amazing, incredible daughter to show for it! I LOVE being a mom, and this is somewhat humerous to my closest friends and family members who were worried I might not ever try for children. Everyone tells you when the child is your own, it is just different. This could not be more true and I not only love Payton with all of my heart, but I verge on the side of having a small obsession with her.

Enough with the sappy and let us chat about getting back into pre-pregnancy shape... has it happened yet? Hmmmm, this is definitely an area that worried me while I was still pregnant and definitely still worried me months later when I could not even get my jeans over my thighs (who walks out of the hospital in their normal clothes? This now blows my mind!). I would say my progression back to working out was slow and steady. I told myself that walking was enough for awhile because it was the only thing that felt good and was convenient. I tried to run in about 3-4 months and I would have to say that running was not fun until about 6-7 months. Now 9 months later I finished a mini-triathlon, run almost daily with Payton, and treat myself to a personal trainer once a week to get back into qweight lifting. Though my weight has come back to normal, I would have to say my body does not seem the same. Breastfeeding definitely takes a toll on ones perkyness, there still seems to be a bigger pooch around the mid section, and my confidence has taken a slight dip... I find myself seeking out more compliments from my husband, sometimes even asking a question wanting the correct answer or else...

I think pregnancy has given me a new understanding for my patients and clients journey of weight loss. I have always practiced what I preach, however I now find myself a bit more strict and needing to journal my exercise and food intake if I need to jump back on track. I find myself keeping accountable to clients and like I mentioned earlier, hiring a personal trainer to remind me the importance of cross training! It will be interesting to see with more hard work, if I can infact, get my body back by a year.

I plan to keep blogging, except now I have a new plan! I need to keep most food choices healthy and I find by trying new recipes and pre-planning for the week, this can be fun and easy. I am going to try to post my experiments with healthy foods, exercise, and continuing this healthy journy. Afterall, Payton will be eating real food soon, and I want her to see me in the kitchen preparing fun foods and understand the importance of eating healthy. Stay tuned!

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