Sunday, February 24, 2008

Establishing Goals

Welcome to your first week of "Lightening the Weigh". First and foremost, we need to establish your personal health goals. You might want to start a journal and get all of your goals down on paper! I will try to provide worksheets along the way, but I have a lot of people who prefer a small memo pad that will fit easily into a purse or breifcase.

I want everyone to list three goals:
1). Food Goal: (ex. I will track my food intake for the next 7 days)
2). Fitness Goal: (ex. I will walk three days this week for 10-20 minutes)
3). Behavior Goal: (ex. I will slow down and make my meals take at least 15 minutes to eat)

*Remember, goals need to be timely and specific! You should be able to look back at your goals next Monday and say "yes, I met my goals" or "no, I did not meet my goals". Try to make your efforts attainable. I would much rather you meet your goals too easily than struggle to fullfill even one! For example, if you never workout, don't make your workout goal 7 days a week for 60 minutes... get the point?

Ok, so you're off! Get pumped and get goals written down. I think it would be helpful if individuals posted their own goals to help others with ideas and a better understanding of the diverse needs. I expect a full report next Monday and I would love midweek updates. Ta Ta!

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